Will Your Air Duct Cleaner Clean ALL the Air Vents in Your Home or Just Some of Them?

The "$79 Air Duct Cleaning" Advertisement

You have seen the ads promoting $79 air duct cleaning, and it sounds too good too be true. But have you read the fine print? Chances are, it is only for the first 10 vents and doesn't include the main trunk lines, the duct work commonly known as the hot and cold air returns.

As one air duct cleaner stated; 'Cleaning only 10 vents and not cleaning the hot and cold air supply is like taking a bath and putting on dirty clothes'. He is absolutely correct, the cold air return is usually the dirtiest part of the duct work and not cleaning it will most likely contaminate the ductwork you just paid to have cleaned. And who would only clean 10 vents, when the average house has about 20 air vents? You could be blowing dirty air right through the freshly cleaned branch lines.

Will Your Air Duct Cleaner Clean All the Air Vents, or Just the first 10?

A common technique these professional air duct cleaning marketers will often use it to only include the first ten air vents in their special. Normally they don't mention it until after they are in your home and have cleaned the first 10. Since the typical house has between 18 and 22 vents on average, of course you will want the rest of them cleaned. And you guessed it, there will be an additional charge of $10-15 each.

How Did the $79 "Air Duct Cleaning Special" become $400?

Suddenly, your $79 air duct cleaning special has inflated to a whopping $400, $500 even $700! It's not so "special" anymore. But how could you have known? Here are some helpful tips: First, check with the Better Business Bureau. Second, read the fine print. Finally, ask a lot of questions. We also recommend searching out "Whole-House" Specials. Because of the many unique system designs, and varying heating and cooling systems available today, there is always a chance unexpected costs will arise. But avoiding the ads containing fine print and unfamiliar terms is a safer bet.

So, How Can Duct-911.com Clean All the Air Ducts for Just $99 ($189 for Rotary Brush Method)?

We work with air duct cleaners that are also certified, licensed HVAC contractors. These heating and cooling contractors are in business for the long term. They don't need to make all their money on one air duct cleaning job. They also know that if they do an outstanding job cleaning your air ducts, chances are you will call them when your furnace or air conditioner stops working.

So to re-cap, investigate, read the fine print, ask questions, search for "Whole-House" air duct cleaning specials and look for an air duct cleaner that is also a licensed HVAC installer. Taking these precautions should help you avoid the pitfalls of these aggressive marketers.
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