Does Air Duct Cleaning Actually Help Allergy Sufferers?

This is a question we are asked repeatedly. Most often from desperate people looking for allergy relief. Usually they have heard both sides of the story regarding air duct cleaning and allergy sufferers. Generally good reports from satisfied homeowners and the old 'It is has not been proven to make a difference' statement from government agencies and the media.

But What Do the Allergists Say?

Jeffrey Glassheim, ThedaCare allergist says "The big problem occurs when allergy-sufferers turn on their furnace for the first time". he continued to say; "If people haven't cleaned their ducts, there are almost always irritants and residual allergens that are going to set them off." The folks that say air duct cleaning doesn't provide allergy relief are usually the same people that were at one point or another over promised and under delivered by a shady air duct cleaning company.

Louise Bethea, M.D., P.A., Immunologist from Houston, TX,"Of course, one of the first-line therapies in the treatment of allergies and asthma is the avoidance of offending allergens," said Bethea. "Heating and air conditioning systems have been established as harbors for molds, and certainly with vents in every room this same system is an efficient distribution system. This indicates dramatically that air duct cleaning by a qualified commercial firm does indeed provide relief from airborne molds, one of the most common allergens..."

Will Air Duct Cleaning Cure My Allergies?

Most likely not. Will air duct cleaning help bring some much needed relief? According to our customers, we hear a resounding YES! If you stop and think about it for a minute, logic will force you to realize that blowing heated or cooled air through dirt filled air ducts can't be a good thing. Is the dust, dirt and debris filled with spores, dust mites and other living organisms? Again, most likely not, but in that dust and dirt is an abundance of food for dust mites and other living micro-organisms to feed on.

You might recall a few facts from biology class that we shed our skin about every 35 days. So, where does all that dead skin go? Well, if we spend 1/3 of our time in bed (have you considered mattress cleaning?), more than likely 1/3 of our skin is in our bed. If we are at work for another 1/3 of the time then the remainder of that time our skin is...around the house.

Whenever your heating and cooling system kicks on, the furnace fan becomes like a giant vacuum drawing everything in the air into the cold air return. Besides dead skin, it will draw in insects and other airborne micro-organisms int your air duct work. only to be recirculated through out your home creating even more indoor air pollutants. Can this be a good thing? Our customers say it's not.

I Have a HEPA Filter, do I Still Need to Clean My Air Ducts?

Sure HEPA filters, electronic filters, sanitizers and ultra violet lights help, but for $99 we recommend cleaning your entire air duct system every couple of years. Combined with high quality filters you will be able to keep your air ducts really clean. Who knows, by spending a mere $99 you might be able to finally breathe a sigh of relief!

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