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Home Energy Saving Tips From Washington

By Dave Trosdahl on September 19th, 2007

Here are 5 energy saving tips from Energy Ideas Clearing House based in Washington. They have many tips from using the right light bulbs to refrigeration savings. We have published the ones directly related to Heating and cooling.

Home Energy Saving Tips.

  • Lower your thermostat at night and whenever the house is not occupied.
  • Tune up the furnace annually.
  • Replace furnace filters. The dirtier they are, the harder the fan furnace works. Clean filters are essential for heat pumps – airflow is critical and can add years to the life of your heat pump.
  • Insulate and seal ducts in attics, crawl spaces, garages and other unheated areas-potential big energy savings.
  • Furnaces, heat pumps, air conditioning and water eaters all have high efficiency models available and should be considered when replacing these appliances. – Replace conventional oil burner (oil furnace) with a more efficient flame-retention burner.
  • To read all of the home energy savings tips (even those unrelated to your heating and cooling system) visit energyideas.org. Additionally, you might want to search the entire Duct-911.com website for many heating and cooling, dryer vent cleaning tips and air duct cleaning tips.

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    1. Mike Leonnig says:

      I’m experiencing sinusitus ever since moving in to a house we bought. The house is 38 years old. we had the ducts cleaned and it helped improve my health. But still I have issues. I know the return ducts are in the attic and they also have insulation insdie them at those places. I wonder what to look for on the outside of ductwork as far as leaks or bad seals. How do you suggest I do that?

      January 22nd, 2008 at 3:38 pm

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