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Steps for Green Home Cleaning

By Dave Trosdahl on December 16th, 2008

When opting for green cleaning, one needs to take due care in choosing an appropriate product. You may have been using the ordinary cleansers containing chemicals dangerous to the environment and your health so it is always suggestible to gradually and steadily move towards green cleaning. This would help you to steer clear of the mounting toxic cleansers that are already in your home.

Primarily there are three main steps for green home cleaning.

The first step in green cleaning is to do away with the toxic home cleaners which you have by now bought and are there in your house. These cleaners are quite harsh in effect and can prove dangerous for our environment. However most of these products contain the instruction for disposal on their package. You can follow the advice of these instructions while disposing them. Most local municipalities have guidelines for safely getting rid of these unsafe cleaners. They may also have an annual toxins drop-off day for collecting household toxins. Un-utilized cleaners can be given to someone else for use or it can be utilized in your own home until it is finished.

Another alternative can be to let it dry or evaporate before you trash it, however always bear in mind not to drain or pour it out as it may result in contaminating the underground water system. If you are aware of the different toxic ingredients in your cleaner, then you may simply box them according to the different categories until the next municipality drop off day.

The second step towards green cleaning is to replace the toxic cleaners with the nontoxic cleaners which are environment friendly and harmless. Green cleaning products are extensively available in the marketplace with most of them claiming to be green or safe, however while replacing your existing cleaner you should make a detailed study of the ingredients used in the manufacture of green cleaning products. It is always wise to replace the toxic formulas with the nontoxic ones in case you are preparing your green cleaner at home. If purchasing, then labels like “recycled”, “natural”, “sustainable” or “biodegradable” should be kept in mind.

You should ensure that a list of ingredients and manufacturing date is well pasted on the container, in case you choose to make your own green cleaner at home. This would inform you of the content and their expiry resulting in timely disposal. Such homemade green cleaners should be put in airtight jars to hold their nontoxic quality.

The Last step is to alter your buying habit. Instead of buying general toxic home cleaners you should opt for green cleaners, which are environment friendly and harmless for your own health as well. This would further avoid the piling-up of toxic contents in your home and would also give a boost to nature conservation. Nevertheless if you have to buy these harsh cleaners than stay away from buying them in bulk, small quantity is suggestible, as they are used and disposed. Mostly a small quantity of such a cleaner is required, so this would discourage the useless storage of such unsafe chemical.

Green Cleaning is our Duty to Protect the Environment

We as human beings have taken huge steps in turning our environment green through plantation and various other efforts, all this may slowly go for want if timely measures are not taken in preserving the green efforts. Using a green cleaner is one such stride towards securing our home environment as a green home would give us a greener earth.

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