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In the early 1990’s Tasha Hendricks was becoming very frustrated. Her son had severe allergies and nothing seemed to be helping. Taking a big chance, she decided to get her air ducts cleaned. Low and behold, AIR DUCT CLEANING HELPED HER SON’S ALLERGIES!!! Tasha was so convinced, she persuaded he husband Scot to partner with her in starting an air duct cleaning company.

Allied Furnace and Air Duct Cleaning was formed. They quickly expanded their air duct cleaning service from one truck to ten! Later they met me, Dave Trosdahl, a customer service manager and internet marketer. In 2004 Scot developed yet another partnership where they purchased Hoffman Heating and Cooling, a full service furnace and air conditioning contractor.

In 2007 Duct-911.com was created with the purpose of providing an affordable air duct cleaning service nationwide. Today, any homeowner across the USA can complete an online form to schedule air duct cleaning or by simply calling 877-Duct-911 (877-382-8911).

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