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A/C Spring Cleaning Air Conditioner Tune-up

By Dave Trosdahl on April 10th, 2008

At Duct-911.com, we would love nothing more than to be able to help you save energy and save money by lower your heating and cooling costs while still helping you maintain a cool climate inside your home this summer.

A/C Spring Cleaning

When thinking about your furnace or air conditioner it is important to under stand that most central air conditioners have three basic parts:

  1. Compressor/Condenser – This is the outdoor unit that sits next to your home
  2. Evaporator/A-coil – an indoor unit which is located in the plenum (the duct work above your furnace).
  3. Duct work and air vents More

3 Simple Steps When Trouble Shooting Your A/C

By Dave Trosdahl on July 22nd, 2007

This article outlines 3 steps a homeowner can take when trying to determine why their central air system is unable to keep up on a hot summer day.

Step 1. Clean your air ducts. It is important to understand that your air duct system was never designed to have upwards of 40 pounds of dust accumulated inside. All this dust, dirt and construction debri will restrict the air flow causing your a/c system to work harder and less efficiently than it was originally designed for.

Step 2. Clean your a-coil. A dirty a-coil will often times “freeze-up” causing your central air system to run non-stop. The more it runs the more it will continue to “freeze-up”. Eventually damaging HVAC components. Fortunately, the same folks that clean your air ducts should be able to clean the a-coil as well. Normally, the a-coil can be properly cleaned for $100-$150 extra. Generally, a good air duct cleaning company will also clean your a/c condenser, which is located outside, for little or no additional cost.

Step 3. With your air ducts cleaned, and your a/c system cleaned and inspected, you should now have a like-new a/c system. If it is still unable to keep up, you will now need to call a licensed HVAC repair technician. They will completely examine the various components of your central air system and offer a solution. Usually their suggestions will range from a simple repair like re-charging the system, to replacement or even a complete re-design.

While it is possible to call the HVAC repair person out first, we don’t recommend it. Often times a simple cleaning of the entire HVAC system is all that is needed. Also, if you happen to hire an unscrupulous HVAC repairman, they may convince you to replace expensive parts when all that was needed was a simple air duct cleaning and an a/c clean and check.

Adjust Your A/C Temp – Save Energy and Help the Environment!

By Dave Trosdahl on April 26th, 2007

Here are 10 ways you can start doing your part to conserve energy and save money doing it. This was just posted on the homeakers.com website:

10 ways to save money — and the environment
Get a little greener with smart ways to fight global warming and fatten your wallet.
By Carlye Malchuk
…1. Use your furnace or air conditioner only when needed
Heating and cooling are the biggest sources of energy costs for Canadian families. The best way to save money is to turn the thermostat down one or two degrees in the winter, and up in the summer.
When heating your home, every degree you turn down your thermostat can save between two and four per cent on your energy bill. In the summer, every degree below 26C means a significant increase in energy needed to run your A/C, so stick to 24 or 25C. As well, keeping your air conditioning unit out of direct sunlight will save you five per cent of your cooling costs…

Spring is Here and it’s Air Duct Cleaning Time!

By Dave Trosdahl on April 20th, 2007

Okay, anytime is a good time to have your air ducts cleaned if your ductwork is dirty. But with winter over, spring is a great time to clean your furnace, air conditioner, dryer vents, and of course your air ducts.

If you are live in Minnesota, your windows have been closed all winter and your furnace has been recirculating much of the same old, stale air. Perhaps you or someone in your house was sick and this winter and of course that means bacteria and other germs. This is often referred to as “sick building syndrome

Now would be a great time to clean the most important appliances in your home; the furnace and air ducts, the a/c and the clothes dryer.