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Who Is The Best Duct Cleaner In Your Area?

By Dave Trosdahl on June 8th, 2011

We at Duct-911.com believe that there are two things that set us apart from our competitors. You have to know this right from the get-go that we only provide the highest quality workmanship because we hope that you will let us help you out again sometime. We have a long-term outlook, having been in the air duct cleaning business for almost 15 years. Secondly, we don’t waste your time and charge you for it, by running up the bill to nearly $1K as some companies do. We aren’t going to try to convince you to send cameras through your air vents because we both know it’s just metal duct work.

Duct Cleaning and The Most Often Asked Questions

  • For only ninety-nine bucks, do you get the duct work spic-and-span? Our answer, yes, because with our company there is no need to count vents.
  • Do you foresee a trip charge or a travel charge? There are no hidden fees, which means you will not be hit with a surprise when you are invoiced.
  • Will you show us what comes out of the air vents? Since we don’t use portable equipment, all the dust, dirt and debris is vacuumed outside through our truck mounted vac. You can look in the truck and check it out, but later in the day your dirt will be combined with all the other home owner’s dirt from that day. So, it’s a little hard to know whose dirt is whose.
  • A video inspection, is this necessary to have? If you’d like to ensure every last spec of dust has been cleaned from your ventilation system, then you ought to hire a company that has video cameras capable of imaging your air ducts. The camera will show everyone in your family, including you, how dirty your air duct is and how clean it will be afterwards; all while you relax on the couch. Most of our customers think it’s just another dog-and-pony show to get homeowners to spend more than they need to.

This is good advice to use when looking to hire an air duct cleaning company.

Perhaps the duct cleaning company will accept a pre-filled out cheque. If the duct cleaning business is a legitimate one, one of their representatives will be able to quote you a price on the phone. You can tell an honest duct cleaning company from a dishonest one, as the former won’t quit if you don’t want to go above the original price.

Typical Reason People Want Their Air Vents Cleaned.

We clean a lot of duct work for people who have either just moved into their new home, or have just had a baby. In addition, fall is our primary time for cleaning furnaces, and spring is our primary time for cleaning air conditioners.

No Gimmicks, just simple and straight forward pricing.

The nice thing about Duct cleaning Twin Cities pricing is that they use flat rate fees. Transients are the exception to in-floor heating. You can decide if you want to clean things when the technician is out. Some examples of problems that a duct cleaning professional may discover are clogged dryer vents or soot filled chimneys.

This blog post has been sponsored in part by the folks at:

  • DuctCleaningTwinCities.com, 260 Clarence St, St Paul, MN 55106 – (612) 412-1867
  • Air Duct Cleaning – All About Air Duct Cleaning Blog

Why Annual Furnace Cleaning is so Important

By Dave Trosdahl on August 28th, 2009

All Manufacturers Recommend Annual Furnace Cleaning

Furnace cleaning refers to the cleaning of all the parts of the furnace that it is composed of. These parts include burners, flame sensors, bearing and belts, furnace filters, vents and even furnace chimney. A regular maintenance is essential to efficient functioning of any device and so is the case with a furnace. Nearly all manufacturers recommend an annual furnace cleaning.

How a Furnace Works

A furnace functions in a manner that cold air is drawn into the system, passed through the filters and heated inside the furnace. This heated air is then distributed to various parts of the home through a number of ducts. The mechanism seems quite simple and homeowners oftentimes feel there is no need to clean the furnace on an annual basis. However, it is not as simple as it sounds. If not cleaned annually, heaps of dust and dirt may accumulate over the filters, ducts and other components, resulting in numerous problems. Air passages may be hindered increasing the pressure inside that may lead to alarming heat levels eventually shutting down the system. Also, this increases electricity bills manifolds.

Why Furnace Cleaning is Important

A dirty furnace is also a hazard to your health as the hot and moist environment inside the furnace duct work is an ideal condition for many harmful bacteria, fungus and viruses. These microbes pollute your indoor air and cause many health issues including asthma, sneezing, coughing and other respiratory diseases along with allergic reactions. Every time air is circulated through these dirty ducts you and your family is exposed to these pollutants. That is the reason all manufacturers suggest to opt for furnace cleaning at least once a year. However, the frequency may vary depending upon other factors. If you smoke for example, you should consider cleaning your furnace more than once a year. Similarly if you have pets that shed then also a high frequency is advised. The dander of these pet are also drawn inside the furnace as the air is circulated in and out of the system which may cause allergic reactions in many individuals.

If you have moved to a home that has been recently constructed or if you have done some renovation work inside the house, it is the right time to call a reputable furnace cleaning company. Another important concern that demands more frequent furnace cleaning, is an illness of a family member. If you or your family members have a form of respiratory disease or some sort of allergy the condition may get serious if the air you breathe in is not clean.
A clean furnace not only assures the efficiency of the furnace but also increases the life of the system. A professionally cleaned furnace is not only pocket friendly but also health bestowing! Schedule Your Furnace Cleaning Today!

“Whole-House” Air Duct Cleaning

By Dave Trosdahl on April 3rd, 2009

We are asked all the time, ‘How can you professionally clean all the air ducts for just $99’. Our answer is quite simple, we don’t need to make a living cleaning air ducts!

Our company, Duct-911.com has been installing and repairing furnaces and air conditioners since the early ’90’s. As a full service Minneapolis Heating and Air Conditioning company operating in the Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN metro area, we started our offering air duct cleaning as a complimentary service for our customers.

In no time, by word-of-mouth through our customers, friends and neighbors started calling us to have their air ducts cleaned too. We now provide our $99 “Whole House” special to any one in the 11 county metro area.

Yes, our profits are very slim. We aren’t losing money, but we approach this from the sense that if you like our duct cleaning service you will consider us for all your furnace and a/c repairs as well. We simply look at it this way; our current customers will remain our customers. As for the other “new customers”, we are convinced that when they see how honest and professional our company cleans air ducts, they will consider us for other heating and cooling needs as well.

So, please do not be startled by our low duct cleaning price. We are only trying to retain customers and hopefully pick up some new accounts along the way.

If you live in the Twin Cities area, and would like to take advantage of our “Whole-House” Air Duct Cleaning special for just $99, contact us by phone:

  • In Minneapolis call: (612) 234-4117>
  • In St. Paul call: (651) 653-4704
  • In Eden Prairie call: (952) 513-4353

or check out our Air Duct Cleaning website

Is Regular Duct Cleaning a Good Choice?

By Dave Trosdahl on September 13th, 2008

Your home is perhaps one of your most valuable assets, so keeping it clean is part of the routine chores that you should perform to keep the structure and appliances in optimal condition.

Duct Cleaners

Professional air duct cleaners provide you with a series of services that include duct cleaning, dryer vent cleaning, furnace cleaning, a/c cleaning, chimney cleaning, and many other services related to your home’s heating and cooling system. Most duct cleaning services also include the cleaning of furnaces, air conditioning systems, ductwork, chimneys, water heaters and other routine household maintenance chores. They may also offer transit duct cleaning, vent cleaning, air duct sanitizing, etc.

If you need to hire a duct cleaner, you can try traditional methods such as browsing the yellow pages and looking at the classified ads in your local newspaper. However, the easier and faster way to find a cleaner is by researching on the Internet. In many countries, there are national duct cleaners’ associations that have searchable lists of their members, grouping them by regions, and providing additional information such as areas of specialization and additional services that they can provide.

You can browse the duct cleaners’ database, and find the professional closest to fitting your budget. Cleaning of air ducts on a regular basis is an investment that extends the life expectancy of your heating and cooling system (furnace and a/c), along with the added benefit of cleaner air. So, when you hire the services of a professional duct cleaner you will be helping to keep a hygienic household environment. However, is there a difference between a professional duct cleaner and an unqualified cleaner such as the homeowner?

Professional Duct Cleaners Will Inspect and Advise

Professional duct cleaners are trained to spot safety concerns like mold or other microbial growth. They will offer suggestions on how to clean contaminated areas, as well as offer tips on how to prevent future problems. The same is true for the heating and cooling system. A well trained, professional air duct cleaner will also inspect the furnace for a cracked heat exchanger. A cracked heat exchanger will often go unnoticed by the homeowner leading to, often times deadly consequences. They will be able to check for carbon monoxide leaks and offer solutions to repair problem areas.

In the unfortunate event part or all of your heating and cooling system needs to be repaired or replaced, a professional duct cleaning company will have certified HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning) technicians on staff, ready to correct problems immediately.

Heating and Cooling

Furnaces and air conditioners are among the most costly investments in a household, so getting a professional duct cleaning company to perform regular cleaning maintenance is a wise choice. Routine cleaning of your ventilation system including your air vents, furnace, central air system and chimney will make you feel more comfortable at home. And if your home looks good and is dust-free, your sense of well-being will also be increased. Visit us online at Duct-911.com or by calling 877-DUCT-911 to schedule duct cleaning.

These and many other duct cleaning facts are explained in great detail on our web site, Duct-911.com, as well as by calling 877-DUCT-911.

Providing Duct Cleaning in These Metro Areas:

Air Duct Cleaning – Pros & Cons

By Dave Trosdahl on June 20th, 2008

In deciding whether or not you should consider air duct cleaning, it is important to weigh the pros & cons. In a recent post on the Duct Cleaning Twin Cities blog, the author a Duct Cleaner from Minneapolis, has pointed out several things to keep in mind when making that decision.

The Pros and Cons of Air Duct Cleaning

Some of the “pros” listed are; contaminant removal, the benefit of breathing clean air, affordability and even dusting less. The “cons” mentioned included; the scams associated with duct cleaning, wide price ranges, incomplete cleaning methods and price gouging.

For a more in-depth study of air duct cleaning pros and cons I suggest reading:

As I always stress, remember to check references before hiring a contractor. Look for a “testimonial” page on the duct cleaners website, call the BBB and check with the Department of Commerce for your state. Although the price is very affordable, the duct cleaning industry is notorious for the old bait and switch technique. If the air duct cleaning company won’t give you a firm price over the phone, call another duct cleaner.

Chimney Cleaning | Chimney Sweep

By Dave Trosdahl on March 24th, 2008

Chimney Cleaning

Soot, oil and debris, which build-up inside your chimney, create serious hazards including carbon monoxide poisoning and chimney fires. Fortunately, dangers like carbon monoxide poisoning and chimney fires can easily be avoided by routine maintenance and inspection fo your furnace chimney and fireplace chimney. An annual inspection by the professionals at Duct-911 will give you peace of mind knowing that your chimney has been thoroughly cleaned and is in proper working order. For the low price of $65, chimney cleaning has never been more affordable.

The experienced chimney sweeps from Duct-911 will examine every aspect of your chimney system including the flue, chimney cap, liner, smoke chamber, smoke shelf, fireplace, ash pit, lintel, mantel, crown, thimble/breech, and clean-out door, and they will detect any problems that may require repair. Our inspection will identify any existing or potential problems with your chimney that could cause chimney fires, premature structural failure, and carbon monoxide poisoning.

Our Chimney Cleaning Service includes:

  • Inspection of the Entire Chimney
  • Professional Chimney Cleaning
  • Chimney Cap Installation
  • And more

When you call on Duct-911.com you can be guaranteed high-quality, professional results. Our customer service is first rate and safety is our top priority. It’s easy to see why chimney inspections from Duct-911 are a real bargain! Few home maintenance activities cost so little and yet prevent such serious problems. As an informed homeowner, make chimney cleaning and inspection part of your annual routine.

Additional Cleaning Services:

Duct Cleaning, Dryer Vent Cleaning, Furnace Cleaning and A/C Cleaning. Call 877-Duct-911 to get on the schedule!

Is Air Duct Cleaning Really Necessary?

By Dave Trosdahl on October 28th, 2007

Is Air Duct Cleaning Right for You?

To best answer the question “Is air duct cleaning really necessary?”, you might want to ask yourself “is carpet cleaning really necessary?” or “is cleaning my refrigerator coils really necessary?”. It all depends on whose air ducts we are talking about.

Legionaires’ Disease

In deciding if air duct cleaning is right for you, it might be helpful to understand how air duct cleaning was started in the first place. According to Tim Hebert, president of an air duct cleaning association based in Washington D.C., his theory is that it all started in July 1976, in a hotel in downtown Philadelphia. The American Legion was holding a statewide convention in the city, when suddenly the legionnaires mysteriously began falling ill with pneumonia. More than 200 people got sick and 34 died.

The source of the pneumonia was a strain of bacteria that was unrecognized at the time, and which was later dubbed legionella pneumophilia. It had spread through the hotel’s heating and cooling system, flowing into every room in the hotel through the air conditioning.

According to Wikipedia; “L. pneumophila was first recognized after a 1976 outbreak among a group of elderly men attending an American Legion convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (hence the name Legionaires’ disease). This outbreak affected over 200 individuals, with 34 fatalities.”

Indoor Air Pollution or “Sick Building Syndrome”

Hebert credits the outbreak with spurring public interest in indoor air pollution, an entirely new concept to a generation of Americans who had grown accustomed to the joys of air-conditioned buildings in the summer and cozy, air-tight interiors in the winter. What had seemed like sensible energy-efficiency in the 1970s suddenly had a bad side. People started talking about “sick buildings”.

Since the 1970’s a lot of different theories have emerged, ranging from; clean your air ducts annually at an affordable price of around $100, to clean it once every 7 years for an exhorborant amount oftentimes exceeding $1,000

Deciding on Air Duct Cleaning

If you are healthy, have no pets, and your home is nearly dust free, perhaps an annual cleaning might be overkill, on the other hand, if you suffer from allergies or other respiratory or health conditions, is once every 7 years enough? You might want to consult with an allergist, but you will ultimately need to determine what amount of dust dirt and debris you are comfortable with.

Allergist Talks About the Importance of Seasonal Air Duct Cleaning

By Dave Trosdahl on October 18th, 2007

We thought this interview was worth posting as it clearly defines the importance of air duct cleaning. While the author of the 10 year old EPA publication about air duct cleaning down plays the connection between allergies and dirty air ducts, common sense and even allergists tell us otherwise.

If you suffer from allergies and haven’t had your air ducts cleaned recently, we recommend spending the $99 and just taking care of it. Make sure the duct cleaner you hire also has the ability to thoroughly clean and inspect your furnace while they are out.

Out with summer, in with indoor allergies
Oshkosh Northwestern
Krista Brown

The seasonal allergy time is winding down, but as the temperatures cool and windows are closed for the year, allergy sufferers face a new culprit – indoor allergens.

Jeffrey Glassheim, ThedaCare allergist, said he believes more people suffer from indoor allergies than outdoor, which makes for a rough season for his patients. The big problem occurs, he said, when allergy-sufferers turn on their furnace for the first time.

“If people haven’t cleaned their ducts, there are almost always irritants and residual allergens that are going to set them off,” Glassheim said.

At the very least, he said, people can change the filters in their furnace, which can help control mites and dander.

Pet dander, dust mites, mold and cockroaches are most often the culprits of indoor allergies. And while frequent vacuuming and maximizing hardwood and tile while minimizing carpeting can help, proper furnace filtration and duct cleaning will be most beneficial, he said.

“People say when the heat comes on for the first time, it’s terrible,” he said. “And people are usually living with (these allergens) all year. It’s like living in a sea of them.”

For more on this story, see Wednesday’s edition of the Northwestern.

Air Duct Cleaning – Condominiums, Townhomes, Homeowner Associations and Condos

By Dave Trosdahl on October 8th, 2007

Several of you have asked and we have answered; YES we now provide special pricing for condos, townhomes and homeowner associations. While the $99 is very competitive, we can do even better on the price if we are able to spend all day working in the same area.

If you are part of a community where several of you would like to band together to get a lower price on air duct cleaning, furnace cleaning, dryer vent cleaning or any other cleaning need you might have, simply call or email us at sales [AT] duct-911.com. We will dizcuss the details with you over the phone to determine a competitive price.

We realize many homeowner associations and condos are required to have their dryer vents cleaned on a regular basis. We have enjoyed working with these groups in the past and would like to extend the offer to all. To get special pricing we need to perform a minimum of 5 jobs in the same area on the same day. If you are able to coordinate this, we would love to work with you.

Fall is Here – Time for Air Duct Cleaning and Dryer Vent Cleaning

By Dave Trosdahl on September 22nd, 2007

Today is the last day of summer, so that means tomorrow must be the first day of the air duct cleaning and dryer vent cleaning season. Although anytime is a good time to clean your dyer vent or your air ducts, it seems that most people prefer fall. If you are one of those people, you might want to get on the air duct cleaning schedule sooner than later. Our company has already seen a “spike” in business and we expect to have a very busy fall.

Perhaps, the sudden increase in people wanting their air ducts or dryer vents cleaned is because it was so hot this summer. Even though an efficient air duct cleaning technician doesn’t leave the outside doors open for very long at all, I am sure that homeowners still don’t like the thought of seeing their air conditioning dollars floating out the door. The same holds true in really cold weather.

Either way, now is the perfect time for duct work cleaning, a thorough furnace tune-up and dryer vent cleaning. Having it done this time of year will give you the piece of mind and the added insurance you need, so that you can know you have taken all the right steps to prepare for winter.

If you live in the Maryland, Virginia or Washington D.C. area please call: 443-927-2400
If you live in the Minneapolis and Saint Paul (Twin Cities) area please call: 651-653-4704

We will be adding additional air duct cleaning service locations nation wide, so check back often. We would eventually like to offer everyone from Florida to California and from New York to Arizona our $99 “Whole-House” Air Duct Cleaning Special!