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Early Fall is a Great Time for Furnace Maintenance

By admin on September 11th, 2011

When temperatures begin to drop outside and the leaves begin to turn, it is check up time for your furnace. Getting your furnace ready for the long winter ahead can save money and prevent costly repairs needed on a cold winter day, when you really need the heat instead of a large repair bill.

Scheduling an appointment early in the fall for furnace cleaning and maintenance is smart. Most businesses offer a discount package at this time of year. It is also wise to have your ducts cleaned. Ducts and vents are an important part of your heating system. If there are leaks, warm air escapes, providing less heat for comfort and causes the furnace to run longer. Sealing leaks will eliminate or minimize the air that escapes and provide a more energy efficient system that does not have to over compensate for lost heat. Duct cleaning also means that the air you breathe will be cleaner. You may also want to take advantage of and request a quick and inexpensive service to test the air quality in your home for allergens, mold and toxic substances as many illnesses are related to and(or) caused by airborne agents.

Who should you hire for furnace maintenance? It is always a good idea to ask friends, family or neighbors who they hire to do the job for them. Word of mouth is the best advertisement and if a company has a good reputation, you will hear about it, as well as the bad. Consider how long the company has been in business.You may even want to check with the Better Business Bureau or an association of local heating and air businesses. Doing your research will be a worthy investment and the company you hire for the service may even pass a long a discount to you for referrals in the future. You will also be assured that the service you receive is quality maintenance. Also, check to see if the company offers a money back guarantee or return service if not satisfied. Additional tip – if you see the company name listed as a top online search engine response for your area and the company does not have negative feedback, be confident that you have probably found a winner.

Wondering what takes place when furnace maintenance is done? Switches, valves and burners are first on the list to check, making sure they are running properly and whether they may need replacement. Testing air flow and ignition, along with changing filters and checking run cycle is included in a comprehensive check of the overall system. How much time will the furnace maintenance take? Generally, less than an hour and a half, depending on whether replacements or repairs are needed. Cost for the maintenance averages from $125 – $175, depending on your geographic location and distance from the company you hire.

After the maintenance is done and the even cooler temperatures of later fall and winter set in, you are ready to turn on the furnace and relax in comfort, knowing that your furnace is well prepared to work for you and will do the job until spring comes again. Click here to speak with the Minneapolis duct cleaning pros.

Why Annual Furnace Cleaning is so Important

By Dave Trosdahl on August 28th, 2009

All Manufacturers Recommend Annual Furnace Cleaning

Furnace cleaning refers to the cleaning of all the parts of the furnace that it is composed of. These parts include burners, flame sensors, bearing and belts, furnace filters, vents and even furnace chimney. A regular maintenance is essential to efficient functioning of any device and so is the case with a furnace. Nearly all manufacturers recommend an annual furnace cleaning.

How a Furnace Works

A furnace functions in a manner that cold air is drawn into the system, passed through the filters and heated inside the furnace. This heated air is then distributed to various parts of the home through a number of ducts. The mechanism seems quite simple and homeowners oftentimes feel there is no need to clean the furnace on an annual basis. However, it is not as simple as it sounds. If not cleaned annually, heaps of dust and dirt may accumulate over the filters, ducts and other components, resulting in numerous problems. Air passages may be hindered increasing the pressure inside that may lead to alarming heat levels eventually shutting down the system. Also, this increases electricity bills manifolds.

Why Furnace Cleaning is Important

A dirty furnace is also a hazard to your health as the hot and moist environment inside the furnace duct work is an ideal condition for many harmful bacteria, fungus and viruses. These microbes pollute your indoor air and cause many health issues including asthma, sneezing, coughing and other respiratory diseases along with allergic reactions. Every time air is circulated through these dirty ducts you and your family is exposed to these pollutants. That is the reason all manufacturers suggest to opt for furnace cleaning at least once a year. However, the frequency may vary depending upon other factors. If you smoke for example, you should consider cleaning your furnace more than once a year. Similarly if you have pets that shed then also a high frequency is advised. The dander of these pet are also drawn inside the furnace as the air is circulated in and out of the system which may cause allergic reactions in many individuals.

If you have moved to a home that has been recently constructed or if you have done some renovation work inside the house, it is the right time to call a reputable furnace cleaning company. Another important concern that demands more frequent furnace cleaning, is an illness of a family member. If you or your family members have a form of respiratory disease or some sort of allergy the condition may get serious if the air you breathe in is not clean.
A clean furnace not only assures the efficiency of the furnace but also increases the life of the system. A professionally cleaned furnace is not only pocket friendly but also health bestowing! Schedule Your Furnace Cleaning Today!

Called Your Furnace Chimney Sweep Yet?

By Dave Trosdahl on October 4th, 2008

It’s already that time of year, time to call your local furnace chimney sweep

If you’re like most homeowners you probably realize that your chimney has been neglected all spring and summer and now that fall is here, it’s a great time to get a hold of your furnace chimney sweep. While the high efficiency gas furnace chimneys don’t need to be cleaned nearly as often, the manufacturers all recommend an annual furnace cleaning and inspection. The older furnaces on the other hand, should be cleaned and inspected every year as well as a thorough furnace chimney sweep.
Furnace Chimney Sweep

How much does a chimney sweep cost?

while we can’t speak for other companies, we can tell you that no matter how steep your roof pitch is, nor how many floors up, our price is always $99. I know, it’s hard to imagine a furnace chimney sweep could drive to your house, setup, do a thorough chimney sweep, clean-up and still only charge $99. Well, we have an ulterior motive…we want to earn your trust. If we do an excellent job at chimney cleaning, you will trust us enough to call us when you need furnace repair or air conditioning service. You could call it a “loss leader” (like buying eggs at Cub Foods for $0.25), except we don’t expect you to buy anything else from us. Again, we just want a chance to earn your business.

How long does chimney sweeping take?

That depends on how many chimneys you have, angle of the roof, how tall it is, etc. It also makes a difference if we have two guys on the truck that day or just one. On small business chimneys in a one-story strip mall, we can be in and out in 20 minutes. for a three-story house that has 3 very dirty chimneys and we have one chimney sweep on the route, it can take a few hours. No matter what, you can count on us to do it right. Our chimney sweeps are well trained, informative and thorough.

Schedule a furnace chimney sweep today.

Schedule a furnace chimney sweep today and we could be out as early as tomorrow. Ideally though, we like to have 2 days notice so we can better plan the routes. With fuel prices what they are, we hope you understand.

Call for Chimney Cleaning:

  • In the Twin Cities Minneapolis, MN area Call 651-653-4704
  • In the Atlanta, GA area Call 404-348-011
  • In the Philly Philadelphia, PA area Call 815-825-8529
  • Anywhere else in the USA: 877-DUCT-911 (382-8911)

Hope to hear from you soon!

Now Duct-911.com Has a Toll Free Duct Cleaning Number: (877) 382-8911

By Dave Trosdahl on January 19th, 2008

Duct-911.com has a new way to be contacted for air duct cleaning: (877) 382-8911. In an atempt to make it even easier for customers to contact us, wee have created a new duct cleaning hotline.

Whether you would prefer to schedule online or by phone, we would love to hear from you. We service many major markets and will be adding more metro areas as quickly as we are able to locate air duct cleaning contractors who meet our stringent requirements.

If you are an experienced duct cleaner and have a reputation of putting the homeowner first, we would love to talk with you. Our $99 duct cleaning service is expanding rapidly and we will be needing duct cleaning pros to work with homeowners who are in need of duct cleaning, furnace cleaning, dryer vent cleaning, chimney sweeping and more. Please call our office at 877-Duct-911.

Worried About Having a Bad Duct Cleaning Experience?

By Dave Trosdahl on November 1st, 2007

We don’t blame you for being worried. Anytime you hire a stranger to come into your home it can be a little unnerving. And, as in any industry, there are companies that give our industry a bad rap. As a professional air duct cleaning company, I would like to mention a few things regarding hiring air duct cleaning companies. Check with the BBB, ask for RECENT referrals, join Angie’s List. These should be steps you take whenever you hire a service company to come into your home.

First, you need to understood in advance that $39 for anything is not cost justifiable. Throw that coupon out! Many people do not understand this. These companies have already started out the relationship under false pretenses. When it comes to duct cleaning, If the company is quoting a price it should state “whole-house” (who would partially clean their duct work?). If it does say whole-house, and you don’t agree to any upgrades, write the check out for the coupon amount and not a penny more! They will never pursue it in court, they know they are in the wrong.

Our air duct cleaning company offers a $99 “whole-house” special. It is not at all uncommon for our techs to leave a job with a $99 check. That’s all some people want or need. For others, they want the rotary brush method. That takes longer and we charge $189. Others also want their dryer vents cleaned. That’s another $65. We are not pushy, we show, explain and then let the customer decide. We like to think that we play fair. We don’t mislead you with an artificially low price, nor do we inflate the cost of a rather simple procedure by making it sound very complicated, dangerous, and high tech. We know that some people want this reassurance, we just don’t do it that way. Some shop at Wal-Mart, others want Saks Fifth Avenue.

We like using the “upgrade” method because it saves the customer money. This way, you don’t pay for things they don’t need. For example, if your furnace was just installed, you don’t need a furnace cleaning for one year from the date of install, so why pay for it? If you don’t have central air, a dirty chimney, or a dirty clothes dryer vent, why would you pay a lump sum which includes all that?

Lastly, I disagree with the EPA’s comment that air duct cleaning should take 4-6 hours. Our installers can install new ducts in 6-8 hours! Many of these expensive companies make a big production out of duct cleaning. They are only air ducts! This comes from a guy who has been in the home services/air duct cleaning business for many, many years!

Here’s the big picture.
– Because ducts are made of metal, they are typically much easier to clean than carpeting or fabric.
– No company will send two of their techs to your home for less than $100. When you add up all the expenses, the math doesn’t work. Our company plays the odds. We know that a large percentage of people will want other things cleaned when they see how dirty (and dangerous) the dust or lint build up in their vents can be.
– Read and re-read the coupon. Is their a limit on how many vents? If so, count them and tally it up. does the price include both the hot AND cold air returns, if not, ask how much this will add to the price. Is furnace cleaning included or how about your a/c if you have one?
– Ask the duct cleaning company if they will cover the vents. This will prevent dust from blowing around your home.
– If you want video, you are going to pay. It takes much longer. Again, remember…it’s duct work! Unless you expect to see something, or you are overly curious, or suspect you have a severe mold problem, this is usually just a scheme for duct cleaning companies to increase the overall ticket of their jobs. They will tell you it’s necessary, we think it’s just a gimmick.
– You should be able to tell if they are professionals within the first 15 minutes. If they are anything less than you expect, ask them to leave.

– Visit the bad service forum and read the good and bad experiences of others.

I hope this helps.

Dave Trosdahl

Air Duct Cleaning – Condominiums, Townhomes, Homeowner Associations and Condos

By Dave Trosdahl on October 8th, 2007

Several of you have asked and we have answered; YES we now provide special pricing for condos, townhomes and homeowner associations. While the $99 is very competitive, we can do even better on the price if we are able to spend all day working in the same area.

If you are part of a community where several of you would like to band together to get a lower price on air duct cleaning, furnace cleaning, dryer vent cleaning or any other cleaning need you might have, simply call or email us at sales [AT] duct-911.com. We will dizcuss the details with you over the phone to determine a competitive price.

We realize many homeowner associations and condos are required to have their dryer vents cleaned on a regular basis. We have enjoyed working with these groups in the past and would like to extend the offer to all. To get special pricing we need to perform a minimum of 5 jobs in the same area on the same day. If you are able to coordinate this, we would love to work with you.