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Time to Change Your Furnace Filter?

By Dave Trosdahl on January 6th, 2008

Here’s a question we are asked all the time; “How often do I need to change my furnace filter?”. While there are many factors involved, a good rule of thumb is to change your furnace filter every month. here are some of the factors to consider when deciding how often you should change the furnace filter in your home:

  • Is your house dusty? – A house with dirty air ducts will blow dust and dirt around the house and will ultimately assist in plugging up the filter faster. If it’s been a while since you had your air ducts cleaned, play it safe and get them cleaned.
  • Do you have pets? Cats and dogs are notorious for shedding hair which will eventually find it’s way into your heating and cooling system.
  • How often does your furnace run? If you live in Minneapolis or New York City, chances are your furnace will run a lot more than if you live in Atlanta.  On the other hand, the people that live in Atlanta will run their A/C a lot more than the folks who live in the northern climates.
  • Are you bothered by allergies? You might be tempted to go out and purchase a HEPA filter, but be prepared to pay for it twice! Not only will you pay more for it and still have to replace it every 6 months or so, your furnace will be required to work much harder to draw air through the filter.
  • If you have an electrostatic furnace filter you will need to wash it as recommended by the manufacturer.

No matter what you decide, remember that if there is a forced air system in the home or office the filter must be changed regularly and duct cleaning should be considered as a part of routine home maintenance. Doing so will help insure that your family is breathing cleaner air and your heating/cooling system is not overworking.

Clean Duct Work Means Your Heating and Cooling System Will Run More Efficiently

By Dave Trosdahl on November 30th, 2007

Every once in a while, one of us at Duct-911.com come across a very well written article promoting the benefits of duct cleaning. Today we found just that. We uncovered an awesome post from a heating and cooling contractor located in Bellingham, WA.

Wes Diskin of Barron Heating and Cooling, has crafted a very well written article with tips a homeowner can use to properly maintain their heating and cooling system. It goes into detail the steps involved in doing proper maintenance and cleaning of the components in a typical heating and cooling system.

Mr. Diskin also addresses the importance of duct cleaning whenever replacing a heating and cooling system. In his article published at www.barrongreenteam.com, he says; “If a new furnace is being installed, you should probably invest in a duct cleaning at the same time, because chances are the new blower will be more powerful than the old one and will stir up a lot of dust.”.

At Duct-911.com, we always encourage homeowners to clean their duct work whenever a new heating and cooling system has been installed. Most professional HVAC contractors agree that it is better for your furnace AND your family members to breathe clean air.

Spring is Here and it’s Air Duct Cleaning Time!

By Dave Trosdahl on April 20th, 2007

Okay, anytime is a good time to have your air ducts cleaned if your ductwork is dirty. But with winter over, spring is a great time to clean your furnace, air conditioner, dryer vents, and of course your air ducts.

If you are live in Minnesota, your windows have been closed all winter and your furnace has been recirculating much of the same old, stale air. Perhaps you or someone in your house was sick and this winter and of course that means bacteria and other germs. This is often referred to as “sick building syndrome

Now would be a great time to clean the most important appliances in your home; the furnace and air ducts, the a/c and the clothes dryer.

Spring Home Maintenance Tips

By Dave Trosdahl on April 20th, 2007

Here are some home maintenance tips we thought you might find helpful. While the author doesn’t adress air duct cleaning, they have some very good general cleaning tips.

These tips were posted by Burnaby NewsLeader, 4/19/07:

Here’s a list of things that homeowners need to complete and then check off.

Start by replacing or cleaning your furnace filter. Ideally it should be checked once a month and replaced or cleaned when necessary. Don’t forget some filters do not need to be replaced, but only cleaned with a vacuum or washed. If the filter gets dirty it lowers the efficiency of your heating and cooling system, increases heating costs and can cause a fire…