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Is Air Duct Cleaning Really Necessary?

By Dave Trosdahl on October 28th, 2007

Is Air Duct Cleaning Right for You?

To best answer the question “Is air duct cleaning really necessary?”, you might want to ask yourself “is carpet cleaning really necessary?” or “is cleaning my refrigerator coils really necessary?”. It all depends on whose air ducts we are talking about.

Legionaires’ Disease

In deciding if air duct cleaning is right for you, it might be helpful to understand how air duct cleaning was started in the first place. According to Tim Hebert, president of an air duct cleaning association based in Washington D.C., his theory is that it all started in July 1976, in a hotel in downtown Philadelphia. The American Legion was holding a statewide convention in the city, when suddenly the legionnaires mysteriously began falling ill with pneumonia. More than 200 people got sick and 34 died.

The source of the pneumonia was a strain of bacteria that was unrecognized at the time, and which was later dubbed legionella pneumophilia. It had spread through the hotel’s heating and cooling system, flowing into every room in the hotel through the air conditioning.

According to Wikipedia; “L. pneumophila was first recognized after a 1976 outbreak among a group of elderly men attending an American Legion convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (hence the name Legionaires’ disease). This outbreak affected over 200 individuals, with 34 fatalities.”

Indoor Air Pollution or “Sick Building Syndrome”

Hebert credits the outbreak with spurring public interest in indoor air pollution, an entirely new concept to a generation of Americans who had grown accustomed to the joys of air-conditioned buildings in the summer and cozy, air-tight interiors in the winter. What had seemed like sensible energy-efficiency in the 1970s suddenly had a bad side. People started talking about “sick buildings”.

Since the 1970’s a lot of different theories have emerged, ranging from; clean your air ducts annually at an affordable price of around $100, to clean it once every 7 years for an exhorborant amount oftentimes exceeding $1,000

Deciding on Air Duct Cleaning

If you are healthy, have no pets, and your home is nearly dust free, perhaps an annual cleaning might be overkill, on the other hand, if you suffer from allergies or other respiratory or health conditions, is once every 7 years enough? You might want to consult with an allergist, but you will ultimately need to determine what amount of dust dirt and debris you are comfortable with.

Elinimate Odors and Contaminents by Cleaning Your Air Ducts

By Dave Trosdahl on April 21st, 2007

It seems that nowadays everyone is concerned with indoor air quality. What many people do not realize is that the air they breathe has had to travel through dirty and oftentimes, contaminated air ducts.

James Dulley, a writer for The Arizona Republic of Cincinnati, OH, writes; ‘A clean HVAC system does operate more efficiently and uses less energy. Although it is commonly referred to as “duct cleaning,” it is important to have the entire system cleaned. This includes the furnace and air-conditioner blower, heat exchanger/coils and drain pans in addition to the ductwork.’

We couldn’t agree more. All too often consumers think that simply changing their furnace filter and buying an air purifier will solve their air quality concerns. this is seldom the case. Generally, the best solution is a thorough air duct cleaning, sanitizing and furnace maintenance.

For more information on air duct cleaning visit our site at www.Duct-911.com or call us directly at 651-653-4704.

Spring is Here and it’s Air Duct Cleaning Time!

By Dave Trosdahl on April 20th, 2007

Okay, anytime is a good time to have your air ducts cleaned if your ductwork is dirty. But with winter over, spring is a great time to clean your furnace, air conditioner, dryer vents, and of course your air ducts.

If you are live in Minnesota, your windows have been closed all winter and your furnace has been recirculating much of the same old, stale air. Perhaps you or someone in your house was sick and this winter and of course that means bacteria and other germs. This is often referred to as “sick building syndrome

Now would be a great time to clean the most important appliances in your home; the furnace and air ducts, the a/c and the clothes dryer.