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All furnace and a/c manufactures recommend cleaning your heating and cooling system annually. While there are no specific requirements regarding the frequency of which air duct cleaning should be done, most homeowners opt for the air duct cleaning service while the technicians are on-site performing the annual furnace cleaning and a/c cleaning as required by the manufacturer. Below you will find a complete listing of all the various related air duct cleaning services, which contractors are prepared to provide, in addition to our furnace, a/c and air duct cleaning service.

Air Duct Cleaning - Rotobrush® Method

- Reg $249.95 Sale $189*

If you are unfamiliar with the Rotobrush® method, this short, 2 minute video is a "must-see": If a picture of dirty air ducts is worth a thousand words, then the video produced by Rotobrush® is an entire novel! This video was filmed in the south, where very few houses have basements. You will notice air duct cleaning is done through the cieling. In Minnesota, our air duct work is in the floors, but the cleaning process remains the same.

Air Duct Cleaning - High Pressure Air Wash Method

- Reg $199.95 Sale $99*

We start by attaching a 6", 12 1/2 horsepower, truck mounted vacuum hose to the main trunk line which leads to your furnace. We then go to each room, and using a high-pressure air-wand, we blow the dust and debris down into the main trunk lines. Meanwhile, our second technician goes to the bottom of the furnace with a 25-ft rotary air-wand with a reverse nozzle. This creates a tornado effect in the ductwork removing all residue from the sides of the ducts. Using our high powered vacuum, all of the residue is then vacuumed directly out to the truck. The two technicians work together, one pushing the dust and debris, while the other one pulls it towards the vacuum. The ducts are cleaned to their original, new condition. (Clean as needed)

Furnace Cleaning

- Reg: $129 Sale: $49* FREE INSPECTION!!!

We clean and lubricate the blower assembly, and also the pilot light assembly and the burners. In addition we check the bearings and the belt, and most importantly, we check for gas leaks and a cracked heat exchanger. For added safety we do a carbon monoxide test and inspect your furnace chimney. (Manufacturers recommend a yearly cleaning)

Air Exchanger

- Reg: $99 Sale: $65*

We clean filter, heat exchanger, blower components, draft compartment, cleaning all airflow passages. (Manufacturers recommend a yearly inspection)

Transit Air Duct Cleaning

- Reg: $21 Sale: $12 (per vent)

Each vent is cleaned individually with one technician on each end cleaning on one end with a reverse nozzle air snake and 200psi of compressed air pushing contaminants to air snake on the other end. (Clean as needed)

A/C Clean & Check

- Reg: $99 Sale: $65* - FREE INSPECTION!!!

The housing unit will be removed and will be cleaned with a condensing cleaning solution from the inside out, then all components will be cleaned and checked and inspected, and Freon levels checked. (Manufacturers recommend a yearly inspection)

Furnace Chimney Clean

- Reg: $99 Sale: $65*

Chimney will be bushed and cleaned much the same as a fireplace chimney, using steel brushes to sweep interior of walls, removing all debris and vacuuming with a truck mounted air wand vacuum. We then clean the drip tee and the vent connectors that connect your furnace and water heater to the main stack. (As needed, depending on age and type of fuel used)

Fireplace and Chimney Clean

- Reg: $99 Sale: $65*

We use steel brushes to break loose debris and soot by scrubbing and sweeping interior of chimney from top to bottom, then clean damper plate, fire box, and smoke shelf. Contaminents will then be vacuumed and cleaned with a truck-mounted vacuum. Inspection of brick and flue tile included. (Fire departments recommend an inspection every 40 fires)

Wood Stove Clean

- Reg: $99 Sale: $65*

Stove cleaned in same fashion as fireplace (Clean yearly)

Chimney Cap Installation

- Reg: $129 Sale: $99

Cap mounted on top of furnace or fireplace chimney. Prevents rain, leaves, animals etc. from entering your chimney and causing hazardous problems.

Sanitizer Application

- Reg: $99 Sale: $65*

Oxine germicide fog applied to ducts. Sanitizes and destroys all bacteria, mites, fungi, mold mildew, allergens in ductwork. Recommended for those with allergies and/or asthma and other chronic illnesses. (recommended every time your air duct work is cleaned)

Water Heater Clean & Check

- Reg: $99 Sale: $65*

A cleaning of heat exchanger, aver. Of 40 burner orifices and pilot assembly. Much like furnace cleaning.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

- Reg: $99 Sale: $65*

Clean heating box underneath and behind the tumble compartment of your dryer. (When you clean your lint catcher and objects fall to the bottom of your dryer, this is where they go.) Next, your dryer vent ducts will be cleaned from dryer to the out side using our air snake, vacuuming out all dirt, debris, and lint build up. This lint build up is the leading cause of house fires and causes long drying times, even complete blockage of vents. Read what the Consumer Product Safety Commission has to say about dryer vent cleaning. (Clean yearly)

Refrigerator Coil Clean & Check

- Reg: $99 Sale: $65*

A cleaning of coil elements in back of the refrigerator removing dirt, dust and debris. A dirty coil causes the refrigerator to work harder and increase energy cost while decreasing efficiency. (Manufacturers recommend cleaning every 6 months)

A-Coil Cleaning

- Reg: $99 Sale: $65*

The A-Coil is a separate component inside the furnace. Also known as the evaporator coil, the "A" coil resembles two car radiators which have been leaned together to form a capital letter "A". All year long air blows through these coils, with dust dirt and debri accumulating on th bottom side. In the summer this part is cold and is used to create cold air. In the winter months, warm air blows through it to heat your house. Our technicians unscrew and pull it partially out to access and clean. The dirty A-Coil will be cleaned with a tiny reverse nozzle air wand using compressed air. (Clean yearly)

*Note: When included with air duct cleaning.
Additional charges may apply for dead animal removal and other animal related problems. Prices above are for homes with only one furnace and/or air conditioner. The discounted price will be applied to additional zones if mentioned before arrival.

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